We are focusing our efforts on making your project a success. To achieve our goals, we have decided to concentrate our work to a limited area; the beautiful and unspoilt Pacific coast of the pacific of the province of Veraguas, Panama. This area has huge potential and is about a 4hr drive form the hustle and bustle of Panama City; even less by private plane or helicopter. If you desire to invest in land, beachfront or hill top properties, purchase an exisiting house, invest in a local business or to find associates to complete your project, we can help you.
We can combine the know how of international standards and expectations to the messy aspects of getting work done on the ground.
Finding a dream project is the easy part...; then you have to have the right people at the right place to make sure your investment is safe and progressing. Too many great ideas and money have turned to dust from lack of vigourous implementation strategy and lack of control, correcting daily errors and making sure your investment works for you.
You need a local team who understands the foreign investor's needs, who can guide you through the options and achieve your goals.
If you want to have a holiday home, a retirement project, invest in a new green business and feel strongly about the environment and helping local communities, building in a durable manner or setting up an eco tourism business...then we can probably help you.

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